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Collaborate together and inspire Jews in London and across the world

Chazak is a pulsating and dynamic community-based organisation established over nine years ago by Rabbi Shlomo Farhi and Rabbi Moshe Levy. Chazak’s goal is to offer an array of sumptuous spiritual food to London’s Sephardic community with programming that is fresh, relevant and exciting.

We aim to build bridges and work in collaboration with other community-based organisations, schools and synagogues, inspiring thousands of Jews with loyalty and pride, instilling in them a commitment to our culture, heritage and continuity.

We appeal to all ages across the community with content that is engaging and interactive, ensuring that age-old and sacred traditions find resonance with current, 21st Century Jews who are living in the modern world.

To date, we have touched tens of thousands of Jews and continue to enrich the London community with verve and inimitable passion.


We had a beautiful walk over, delicious lunch, the kids had the best time and we had some lovely inspiring talks that we enjoyed! Thank you for including us and for telling us about it.
Continue your hard work and it’s paying off enormously!

Chazak has literally become our Jewish community, you have top class events, always make us feel so welcome and best of all, you do it in style.

You brought all the Sefardi communities together! Kol HaKavod on taking on this role and making it happen. I had no idea you inspire all different ages and levels in our community, from kids and teens to young professionals & adults. You really showed the strength of Chazak.