Director of Chazak LA Valley

Rabbi Sultan is one of the most sought-after Mohels in the US. He performs circumcisions as painlessly as possible, according to Jewish law. To become a certified Mohel, one must complete extensive studies on the intricacies of the procedure. Being the son of a well-known 50+ year veteran Mohel, Rabbi Sultan decided to seek additional coursework and certification internationally. Since then, Rabbi Sultan has performed circumcisions all over the world and on males of all ages.

Rabbi Sultan is a full-time Mohel with close to 15 years of experience, performing circumcisions on males of all ages. His unique method, skills, and professionalism are recognized and well known. He is affiliated with both Kaiser Permanente and Cedar-Sinai Medical Center of Los Angeles.

Rabbi Sultan is fluent in English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish. In addition, he is equally known for the warmth of his personality and is highly regarded for the circumcision ceremony. He involves the various generations within the family and beautifully explains the significance of the occasion. He also sings beautifully the traditional songs for both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Brit Milah ceremonies.

Connecting with parents and ensuring the finest aesthetic results, has gained Rabbi Sultan his reputation as being the best Mohel in Los Angeles California.