Rosh Bet Medrash

Born in London, Rabbi Kahlani had been living in Jerusalem where he co-founded Kehilat Avriechim Har Nof, a dynamic community in Har Nof for English speaking families living in Jerusalem, and had been studying in Yeshiva for the last seventeen years until moving to the UK this summer with his wife Ora and their 5 children to join Chazak.
Starting in Beis Yisroel, Rabbi Kahlani moved on to the Mir Yeshiva where he learnt under, and became a Talmid of R’ Osher Arieli shlita. Having spent almost six years in R’ Osher’s legendary Gemara Shiur, Rabbi Kahlani then joined a chabura of graduates from R’ Osher’s shiur where they continued in their studies learning Sedarim Kodshim and Moed eventually resulting in Rabbi Kahlani receiving Smicha from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg shlita. Rabbi Kahlani also studied for almost a decade under Rabbi Moshe Shapira zt’l until his passing and was greatly influenced by his teachings. Whilst studying, Rabbi Kahlani also gave weekly shiurim to bachurim in the Mir and other Yeshivot and forums in Jerusalem.