Halacha Moment With Netanel Aminov

Our Rabbis teach us that anyone who learns Halachot every day is guaranteed to be in the World to Come. At Halacha Moment, we are dedicated to fulfilling that mission by transforming your day one moment at a time. Join thousands of learners who experience daily inspiration and growth by packing their day with Halachot. Our program offers teachings that can uplift your spirits and help you gain a deeper understanding of Jewish law and ethics.

Breaking Shabbat to Save Someone

May One Break Shabbat to Save Someone Even If A Slight Chance? Listen To Find Out :)

Who To Listen To When Saving A Life

Who To Listen To When Saving A Life? Listen To Find Out :)

Listening To The Doctors On Shabbat

Does one have to listen to the doctors on Shabbat? Listen To Find Out :)

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