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The Chazak LA, Pico community is one of the most unique and vibrate groups in the world. You won't even need a selfie stick

Welcome to Chazak LA

Chazak has established itself as a firm part of the lives of thousands of teens who participate in the weekly programmes and trips that are run to ignite their Jewish pride and passion for learning.

We Energize

We instill a palpable pride in our authentic Sephardic traditions and ensure that the learning process is exciting, fun and positive.

We Unite

The building of a cohesive community is Chazak’s primary focus, as a unified community creates a fertile ground for growth and development.

We Experience

We are committed to ensuring that our trips department continues to expand, enabling greater connection and inspiration for the entire gamut of our community.

We Empower

Chazak has established itself as a part of the lives of thousands of teens who participate in our programmes and trips that are run to ignite Jewish pride and passion for learning.

We Connect

Young Professional Activities include monthly and weekly Shiurim, as well as interesting sessions given by dynamic lay leaders to niche groups of YPs.

We Export

We are committed to imparting the timeless wisdom of Torah so that the spiritual messages of our heritage are easily relatable to 21st century Jewish life.

Highlights from our Past

If you like what you see below, you are going to love what we have in store!

How We spend our Time

Running an organization requires many talents and the execution of many endeavors. Below is how we focus our time

Reaching New People


Nurturing Memebers


Learning Torah


Serving our community


What they say?

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.

Mario Corleone

Pico Participant

We had a beautiful walk over, delicious lunch, the kids had the best time and we had some lovely inspiring talks that we enjoyed! Thank you for including us and for telling us about it.
Continue your hard work and it’s paying off enormously!

Channa Rochel

LA Member

Chazak has literally become our Jewish community, you have top class events, always make us feel so welcome and best of all, you do it in style.

Sarah Rothchild

LA Parent

You brought all the Sefardi communities together! Kol HaKavod on taking on this role and making it happen. I had no idea you inspire all different ages and levels in our community, from kids and teens to young professionals & adults. You really showed the strength of Chazak.

Moshe Coehn


Chazak is great!

Yair Dorman

LA Traveler

Chazak is this best!

HAnnah Goldstien

LA Local

Love the community

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