July 15 at 7:07 AM  ·

I’m not one to jump on bandwagons and I don’t think I have ever posted anything personal…but I feel compelled.

I am a passionate, committed, loving, fun, and oftentimes fearless orthodox woman. I am confident about the choices I have made towards a life filled with meaning, countless blessings and the most wonderful relationships on this journey. That doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges and bumps on the road. But it’s so empowering to have a focused goal which keeps me heading in the direction my heart is drawn towards.

I am blessed to have been born into a family where truth and a commitment to the ideals which uphold those truths was paramount. So it was only natural for me to make conscious decisions towards living a life committed to those truths when I was merely a teenager.

I was and am moved by music and singing, friendship and unity, acts of kindness, community, and learning.

As a young teen, I saw how the Torah observant community supported each other financially, taking care of the needy with endless lending organizations, caring for the elderly, and working with children and adults with special needs.

I developed a love of learning Torah, the ultimate instruction manual for life. The depth and insight into human nature and the development of oneself was tantalizing. Connecting to the hidden realm, the spiritual dimension was a connection to the Divine.

I studied in Barnard College, studied in seminary in Israel, and pursued my masters in Jewish History.

A few decades later, I am a proud wife and mother of six phenomenal children. I proudly dress with a sense of dignity, giving thought to the energy that I project. I am passionate about learning and growth - for myself and for others. I believe in the future of the Jewish people and the deep impact that each and every Jewish woman is capable of making in her inner and outer world.

I have a husband who loves me unconditionally while he gives of himself to others with tremendous commitment and dedication. I have children who are refined in character and strive to develop themselves through their learning and kindness to others. I have a house bustling with activity of the most wonderful individuals who seek meaning and are always generous and genuine in their search for truth.  

I love hiking, nature and generally being outdoors. I take pleasure in reading and trying to understand ideas. I enjoy connecting with people through meaningful conversation and seeing others connect with their deepest selves. I am emotional about the things that matter most.

I am a student. A teacher. A friend. A neighbor. A confidant. A mentor. A dating coach. And so much more.

I am the director of an organization that invests in developing women.

Because women are the arbiters of change. Women are the link from the past to the present and to the future.

I used to think that women can’t have it all - that it is impossible to be a professional, a wife, a mother, a friend and a contributing member to a community.

Until I lived Orthodox Judaism.

It is here where I live the most jam-packed, exciting, complex, nuanced, challenging and rewarding life.  Juggling all of the roles is what infuses my life with deep satisfaction and connection.

I have been inspired by my many friends and colleagues, Alex Fleksher Gevura Lauren Davis Eve Levy Risa Brumer among many others, who are true examples of #thisisorthodox #myorthodoxlife.